Welcome to autumn


This month we have had several celebrations, Victory Day, Alzheimer’s Day, Torremolinos Fair and Peace Day, we also enter the fall. We continue to start the days with our physical activities, enjoying the good weather, since it is not so hot, we take our walks after gymnastics. We do not neglect our cognitive activity and we also work the memory, we elaborate our September letters for the mural and thus place ourselves in the month we are. Reading the newspaper also helps to be updated and put ourselves in time. Summer is over and a new season of the year begins, this month we have had several celebrations, September 8 we celebrate the Virgin of Victoria, preparing a beautiful photocall, where our residents have cut some very nice cardboard flowers and their corresponding letters , we have also had the international day of peace, where we have prepared a mural, with the most representative image, “dove of peace”, World Alzheimer’s Day, with this year’s poster, where climate change is its motto , another very important party has been the fair of San Miguel, where we have made rosettes, lanterns, banners …. We have adorned our patio, we have put a flower in our hair to celebrate it and party music. All of this has been our crafts, but we have not neglected to activate our mind, with cognitive memory exercises. You can not miss our bingo, two afternoons a week, we also play fruit dominoes, we have also used our playground sports machines. We are already thinking about the activities of this fall that already entered.

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